Monday, July 21, 2008

{About me...}

It is my hope that my brand [that is, my walk, talk, and presentation] can create positive change that thoughtfully inspires.

As I create, and listen, I am led...
Bending metal over, and over again, taking shape of a cross form that awakens new meaning with each creation. These crosses, in my mindscape, always lead to truth. They symbolize the willingness of choosing to cross existing cultural boundaries. They represent a direction of tolerance, patience, kindliness, & love.

As metal strengthens with each twist and turn, the cross is always about reaching out, crossing boundaries, and drawing others in. My work rests in pure joy.

The crosses are immediately recognizable for their evocation of a higher power. The bending and turning of metal opens my mind like a gateway, with turns and paths, creating something raw, organic with beauty and grace. ♥

My first shop...
Inspired by the word novella. Defined as a short story, a parable. Many prose travel my mind when I create and if you look closely they're revealed through my work. Some may see the tales, some won't. I revel in the history of gemstones, their symbolism, and their inner life of soul.

My favorite things...
all matter inspired by the heart
organic found objects
items of distinct quality
bits and pieces of vintage
modern elements
unusual treasures and curiousities
malleable metals, ranging from rustic steel to fine delicate argentium silver

Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

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